LaRe FIBC & Energies Pvt Ltd

LaRe FIBC is one of the India’s largest manufacturer of FIBC (Jumbo) Bags made from woven virgin Polypropylene. Started with high energy in Energy sector, the seed was sown in 2012 as Operation and Maintenance Company in the name of Techsun Energies Pvt Ltd. The ability to transform the opportunities into business has been our strength all through the years.

Now it has been branched out into diversified activities coming under one umbrella of LaRe Group of Companies. Taking advantage of the large market potential and technological development, LaRe FIBC commenced its operations to manufacture Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container bags with a capacity of 500 MT per month.


We Help You to Decide the Type of Bags

FIBC Bags are custom designed based on the materials handled, exposure to external environments, transportation methods etc.Each bag has its own unique properties. We design according to your needs.

Other Products


Loop over Loop / Corner Seam Loop, Stevedore Straps, Cover Lift Loops, Cross Corner Loop, Sleeve lift /Tunnel Lift Loops


Duffle Top, Open top, Duffle top with rope, Spout top, Tie-down flap top, Closing Rope


Discharge spout, Discharge spout with flap, Full bottom discharge, B-lock, Discharge Spout with Safety Valve (iris closure), Discharge spout with cover (star closure & petal cover), Flat Bottom, Conical Bottom

Human Resources

LaRe FIBC offers a safe and modern work environment with the adoption to the best systems and tools. We with our clear vision and employee retention programs continuously strive to create the best opportunities for their career development that increase the retention rate of employees and the trust worthiness of the company and that in turn ensure the best quality deliverables.

Driven by the ongoing expansion of the company’s international activities, LaRe GROUPS shows a steady increase in personnel recruitment the last years, aiming to keep its high performance levels. The group now has approximately 1,000 employees and an exquisite pool of talents with people of different backgrounds and skillsets.

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Tirunelveli - 627352, Tamil Nadu, India


+91461 2346666

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If you’ve got questions or ideas you would like to share, send a message.